RRD Freestyle Wave V5 Wood/LTE Windsurfboard 2019

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RRD Freestyle Wave V5 Wood/LTE Windsurfboard 2019

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We have added 2 new boards to the range, the 78 lts and the 114 lts. Those completely new shapes further expands the all freestylewave line;which now fits with;every conditions and type of rider. No matter what water surface, waves or just flatwater the new Freestyle Wave V5 does it all.
The Rocker is straight and fast in the mid/rear section. The;volume;displacement has less volume on the tail and more volume on the nose, to keep the same amazingly well balanced board in both planing and non-planing conditions. The simple slight double concave/ V rail to rail configuration allows a perfect flow and balance over the roughest waters in any conditions.
It is available in 3 different technologies, the LTE, LTD and the new BLKRBN (Black Ribbon). The Black Ribbon is a new technology that allows to have the lightest possible boards under your feet and a superb distinctive finishing level.
The new Freestyle Wave V5 has been completely renovated and is laminated using Biaxial Carbon Innegra fibers on the deck on both LTD and BLKRBN.
All the freestylewave boards are equipped with exclusive K4 for RRD fins in orange colour.

LTD:;our “industry benchmark” for high performance boards
Semi custom / Biaxial innegra carbon deck glass bottom
The LTD is now improved thanks to the new deck laminate that reduces weight and increases impact resistance.
The 160 grams Biaxial Carbon Innegra fibers guarantees an impressive strength and long life. Innegra is a high performance fiber used in composite which can be converted into many different reinforcements. By mixing layers of Innegra and Carbon we also got a superb and exclusive look.The bottom is laminate with a 160 grams Glass with jumping reinforcement patch of 60 grams Glass.

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