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Modell 2019 The AIRSUP CONVERTIBLE V4 is the perfect board program to ride waves as a SUP, and enjoy learning how to windsurf. Planing on this board and jibing will be a pure thrill. Very maneuverable, quick to plane and lightweight! It.s the one-for-all board that will introduce anyone straight to any watersport in the blink of an eye. The AIRSUP CONVERTIBLE V4 is the most appropriate type of SUP board to also learn how to windsurf. With its generous width, it makes it super easy for anyone to step on, paddle or uphaul a sail. It.s the most popular board range for families who wish to find a board to satisfy everyone. Available also with a 6” thick profile, to enhance stiffness for heavy weights and it.s an easier board to paddle or windsurf, thanks to its increased floatation. Built with a new SDB “Sandwich Dyneema Belt” on bottom and TPB “Thermo Plastic Belt” on the deck that wraps the whole contour of the board from the deck to the bottom as a stringer, the board becomes about 50% stiffer than any conventional inflatable board. Thanks to the Edge PVC Soft Rail positioned under the board tail, water flows away fast and clean without turbulences.


SDB (Sandwich Dyneema Belt) + TPB (Thermo Plastic Belt)


Sandwich Dyneema belt & Thermo Plastic Belt
70% Double skin construction
Equipped with center and rear removable fin and fin box
Mast foot insert for windsurfing use
Bottle holder
The SPSP Soft PVC Sharp rail Profile to achieve the best possible water release to improve start of planing.

Suchbegriffe: Standup Padle Boards, JP, RRD, NAish, Angulo, Aufblasbar, Inflatable, Vandal
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