NeilPryde Glide Wind Foil DT Slim 2021

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NeilPryde Glide Wind Foil DT Slim 2021

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Modell 2021

M UVP 1069

Deep Tuttle Box

GLIDE WIND SLIM version is our friendly, easy-cruising and carving foil, also suitable for wave riding and basic freestyle moves. Ever dreamed about foiling but felt that it might be too dangerous or difficult? GLIDE WIND is the perfect tool to get you into foiling. The lowest possible speed is required to take-off allowing first time foilers to feel safe and comfortable. This all-round foil focuses on extreme stability and early flying. It is designed with round edges on the wings for safety, and has been engineered to prevent catapults and to allow soft landings. GLIDE WIND creates foilers.
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