ION Surf Waist Harness Jade black/seaweed 2018

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ION Surf Waist Harness Jade black/seaweed 2018

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Ladies! Prepare to be pampered to the max with this beautifully constructed and technically sound harness. The JADE will tickle your taste buds with its striking colourway and sophisticated design. The elongated windsurf-specific cut has been specially created to distribute the load across the back evenly. If after the best, then get ready to settle into the JADE.

3D Shaped Seat:Pre-shaped, 3D seat of special ION seat harnesses.Wrap_Tec:Pre-shaped construction that allows the harness to wrap perfectly around the body, offering additional support Women s X-Spine:Thermo moulded X-shape EVA protection that soaks up pressure, protecting the back without stiffening the harness. Especially developed for women Extended Soft_Edge:A new, extended soft edge that surrounds the entire harness, bending sideways at the hips and ribs for a more forgiving feel, enhanced by a special foam padding Split_Edge:The divided buckle plate allowing the harness to stay close to your body and to transfer all forces equally Belt_Garage:New neoprene pockets cover the buckles with a protective rubber patch, allowing slick and easy storage of excess webbing Push Button Spreader Bar:Save and easy to use release system for the spreader bar Bar Keeper Belt:Connecting the lower part of the spreader bar to the lower part of the harness, the Bar_Keeper_Belt construction helps keep the spreader bar in the low position Low_Rider:A new windsurf specific outline, designed to stabilise and distribute the load evenly across the back area Reduced Side Cut:A newly revised Side Cut for a slimmer outline.Protection Pad:Metal spreader bar with a new webbing connection setup, spreading the load even better and preventing the spreader bar from twisting horizontally Internal Flex Belt:An internal belt structure that offers freedom of movement and keeps your harness in place when riding unhooked Reduced Upper Back:for more freedom especially for women.Soft_Edge:An extremely soft neoprene edge around the supportive structure that makes you forget wearing a harness.

Suchbegriffe: Windsurftrapez, Surftrapez, Sitztrapez, Seat, Hüftrapez, Waistharness, Seatharness
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