ION Hooded Neo Vest 2/1 black 2018

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ION Hooded Neo Vest 2/1 black 2018

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Modell 2018 In the ION point of view the smallest items in the product range deserve the same dedication and precision as every complex item. Therefore the Neo Accessories are a small but essential part of the whole equipment and sometimes these small items decide whether you have a great day on the water or you go home in deep frustration.
Extend your session with our selection of Neo Accessories - protecting you and keeping you warm.

GBS Seams:Application: The seam technology is commonly used in thicker wetsuits (approx. 3-6 mm ) and Neoprene that requires top water resistance.
Glueing: The edges of the Neoprene panels are covered with a highly adhesive, UV resistant contact glue which takes a few minutes to dry, after which the glue is applied a second time to make it even stronger.
Assembling: The corresponding edges of the Neoprene panels are put together by hand, then squeezed firmly together with an electric pressing tool cm x cm in order to achieve optimum resistance against tearing.
Sewing: After glueing, the seams are stitched on one side only with a special blind-stitch sewing machine. A curved needle inserts an elastic seam through the Neoprene layer, without actually perforating all the way through to the other side. If you can see the stitching on one side only, then it.s a glued blind-stitch seam.
Pro.s: The use of this technique makes the seam tear proof, elasticated and highly water resistant providing great insulation and comfort.
Con.s: This type of manufacturing process is extremely complex, time consuming and ultimately very expensive EVA Shield.Ear_Holes:for better hearing and orientation

Suchbegriffe: Impact Vests, Armour Neopren Vest, Protection, Prallschutzwesten, Auftriebswesten von Xcel, Ion, NP
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