Starboard Deluxe Double Chamber Technology

NEW DELUXE DOUBLE CHAMBER - NOW SAFER – STIFFER – LIGHTER THAN EVER The Deluxe Double Chamber technology brings the inflatable boards one step closer to a hardboard feeling. The Double Chamber stiffens the board significantly, thanks to the double side walls around the second chamber. The second chamber also offers extra safety floatation for any emergencies.

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KEY FEATURES: ULTRA STIFF - DOUBLE I-BEAM STRINGER The innovative chamber doubles the sidewalls and acts like rollable I-BEAMS. Starting just behind the standing area and continuing towards the front, the chamber is placed in the most critical area for flex and reduces deflection by 1.8 cm. The feeling of paddling with the stiff Double I-BEAM stringer is getting very similar to a hard board, propelling inflatable technology one step closer to a “hardboard” feel. A must-have for riders over 85 kg.

SAFETY FIRST - EXTRA FLOATATION The chamber offers up to 42 litres of safety floatation, with 14 litres even in the smallest boards that require only 10 PSI. Starboard pioneered Double Chamber tech in the 201 Ocean Rescue board. Future Coast Guard regulations will possibly request this safety arrangement for inflatable board use in open waters.

NEW HEAT WELDED RAIL - BONDED FOR LIFE – New welding technology turns 2 pieces of materials into a single solid unit resulting in an extra strong Mechanical Bond. – A mechanical bond is stronger, lasts longer and better for the environment. – Welding creates a complete airtight seam without the risk of glue weakening over time.

DROPSTITCH The top and bottom layers are fused in a single, glueless process.

RECYCLED EVA DECK PAD We are shifting toward recycled EVA deck pads from post-industrial EVA waste, increasing UV protection & reducing the use of petroleum.

NEW EXTRA STRONG FIN BOX The ultra-strong US fin box and the FCS Connect fin are the top of the range in durability and function. No tools required so, just grab, slide and go!

INCLUDES DOUBLE ACTION PUMP – Inflate your board faster and easier with continuous pumping cycles in both downward and upward action. – With a switch, the double action becomes a single action for easy inflation from 15-18 PSI. – The removable foot base makes it easier when packing into the Re-cover bag.

INCLUDES RE-COVER BAG - LIGHT, STRONG, LARGE – The ultra-light Re-cover Bag is designed to minimise weight yet maximise comfort and strength, resulting in the very best backpack carrying experience. – Utilizing “Rip Stop” technology to further strengthen the solid 450D materials, we have an amazingly strong and light combo. – Thanks to our partner “Waste2Wear” for making this breakthrough possible with UPcycled plastic bottles, showcasing futuristic thinking.

FREE LIGHTWEIGHT LEASH (except Surf, Team, and River range) – At only 70g, the leash is incredibly lightweight so that it doesn’t interfere when paddling and saves weight when travelling. – Soft cushioning means it will compress and flatten when stood on. – Easy to attach to the leash ring without needing any excess rope loop like on most other leashes. – The leash cuff is simple to adjust the tightness and is made from Yulex, a natural rubber with 80% less carbon footprint than normal neoprene.