Angulo CV1 Windsurf Board Biax Carbon

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Modell 2016
CV1 — Free Ride
Biax Carbon Technik zum Low Cost Preis .

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The Angulo CV1, the most versatile board in windsurfing!
From basic wave sailing to flat water blasting the CV1 has got you covered. This board will gibe on a dime and can boost serious air. Simply a blast!
The CV1 90 and 100 with the double concave into V bottom shape are agile and controlled. Changing the set-up (fin and foot-straps) really changes the characteristics of these boards to suit your style and conditions.
The CV1 120 cruises in light or medium wind, waves or flat water. This board is adaptable to all conditions. The triple panel bottom shape allows this board to blast in a straight line, but turn when you put it on the rail. Easy planing, easy gibes, so easy sailing.

Bullet Points
1. Multiple foot strap positions make the CV1 adaptable to all different conditions and styles of sailing.
2. Round smooth rails help the board cut through chop and grip in the turn.
3. Rocker with some nose lift gives a lot of confidence through the chop (90 and 100 only) Low entry rocker makes these board glide onto the plane (120 ).

CV1 90 237cm 62cm 90L 6.5 kg 4.0 / 7.0 24 - 28 Powerbox 28 Free Ride
CV1 100 242cm 62cm 100L 6.8 kg 4.2 / 7.5 26 - 34 Powerbox 34 Free Ride
CV1 120 240cm 70cm 120L 7.5 kg 5.0 / 8.8 30 - 42 Powerbox 40 Free Ride

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